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For those that remember or not, I ran an online store of my Divaliscious goods which included zen candles, jewelry, fancy hair ties, sensual soaps and scarves among other items. It’s been enough of time passing that I decided to bring this all back.

I chose to name the eBay store “The Lucky Zen Dog” well of course after my pet, Theo and his incredible roverlicious doggie biscuits which are also made here in what I would call the Divaliscious Factory of homemade goods.

Once the store is completely functional, I’ll let you all on to the new products I will be selling, but until that time passes, you can at least relax in knowing you can get those incredible soaps again and soon along with a whole bunch of other items I have decided to either create for my online community or for my Divaliscious followers.

Why did I decide to open up the store again? I was starting to get tired of receiving too many requests for some of those prized soaps and jewelry I made as well as other items. I had taken a hiatus from being online, and chose specifically not to get back into this business of running my online store, but hey sometimes, we need a break from the online life, yes? Then enough time passed and my break is now over.

Ok, well here’s a secret, I was without a computer and did not seek to use one either for two years, yes, can you imagine? I frankly can’t and still to this day do not know how in the world I ever managed…then again, it was freeing, serious freeing. For example not to have to be glued to your computer for the latest news, but as time passed, it was getting very tiring having to go to the local library to use one, and you can’t always have access to certain sites and every half hour, you have to go back to the Librarian to get another little slip of paper that allows you access for 30 minutes more.

Oddly enough, a few things had changed in this time. Myspace.com was created along with Facebook.com and the Vista operating system was released along with the advances in web design and development among many other incredible internet changes. It truly is amazing how quickly technology is growing, but this is not anything new – and certainly is not new news.

Hey I know I am late with my January Divascopes, I promise to get them done by the end of the week, I am also working on getting an interesting Feng Shui article up and running for all you peeps out there who wish to do something in changing their chi.

Stay Tuned…Divaliscious


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