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About The Lucky Zen Dog

After enjoying wordpress.com I decided to move my feng shui organization tips blog over from another popular blogging site. Whoohoo!

OK, So what is feng shui? Isn’t that a lot of hokey pokey? No, that’s a dance silly you learned as a kid. Here, The Lucky Zen Dog will show you how to organize and declutter your home and provide useful feng shui tips that will help bring you more happiness, prosperity, better health and even move love into your life and into the lives you share with in your home.

Feng Shui, does not cost money. There are many things you can do in and around your home that can enhance your life. Furthermore, this does not mean you need to have a futuristic and modern home either. In fact, I have practiced Feng Shui for over 8 years now, first getting into it while living in an old victorian house which I adored.

So stay tuned for interesting articles as I import previously written articles as well as providing new material for your fenh shui pleasures.

I will also include feng sui art you can order and have placed in your home to bring in more good luck, love health and prosperity.


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As I am learning the ins and outs of wordpress, I really have started to enjoy using wordpress over other popular blogging sites. So without further adieu I bring you The Lucky Zen Dog blog on Feng Shui and how to organize your home with using some very simple feng shui practices and tips.

I will be providing many articles, great products, original art work for purchase all to help you with one thing: bring you more happiness, wealth, prosperity, health and love into your life.

How easy is that? Super easy! So stay tuned as I get this blog a rollin’!

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