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So here I am looking for all the old web-related files in order in assisting me in bringing back up my Divaliscious site…and let me tell you – for the normal person – just imagine how many files that collect unnecessarily on their pc/mac? OMG one would think! – The amount of junk is incredible. Now, what if they were Divaliscious…? Yeesh!

So the Divaliscious site for those of you who do not know or recall; Divaliscious was a site for free recipes, love advice that might bite, party ideas, music news and a lot more including Divascopes. In fact if you are interested, you can get an idea of what was and what will be the new Divaliscious site. I warn you, not all links work on the recipes page, but it will give you a good idea.

So this Divaliscious one has the wonderful and arduous task of reorganizing after have several PC meltdowns. Then I have to get some of my domain names back…one I think is gone for good, but I will give it a try – hey you never know…does one….that saying always makes me think of the Fats Waller song and that great production they should put back on Broadway titled, Ain’t Misbihavin’ – Wow does that take me back – imagine seeing Nell Carter sing like the true songstress she is – it was amazing.

So, I’m back in cyber land, and found a lot of the files, but nothing is organized that way it was…forget about letting someone else do back up for you – my suggestion today is if you own a new computer, learn yourself how to do the back ups and copying of DVD’s of information – and keep the file hierarchy. Most people wont understand your way of organizing…This is not to say I do not know how to do these things. I just let a very nice helpful person make a mess of things for me. Thanks a lot.

So let me go and be Divaliscious – and hey Donna Koran?….Be Divaliscious was a tag line LONG BEFORE your perfume Delicious came out with the tag line Be Delicious- you don’t know how that fumed me, yes people, please imagine your little Divaliscious fuming away that one of her own marketing tag lines was stolen right under neath her very own perfect nose. Urgh…..But it only reminds me that Divaliscious (me) is on the something and I get to get back out there!


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Well, after a very long hiatus, Divaliscious is back. Don’ even begin to ask me where the heck I was! I am still trying to get back my old site. For those of you not in the know…I ran for years a well populated site that had free recipes to great and fun real love advice to divascopes – You were able to Ask Divaliscious anything and she would answer you.

I will be getting the beloved divascopes back up and running, let me do some astrology research first and you all will be happy! I will also be starting up my recipe section and the ever popular Ask Divaliscious section up and running.

I have lots to design and get ready – but I am so terribly happy (sounds like an oxymoron) but you do not know! – So hey, are you Divaliscious, 100%?. We shall see.

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