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Feng Shui can be applied to any room of your home. Often, the dining room is one of the most neglected rooms in the house. It’s either a formal space that’s rarely used, or it’s notoriously used for dumping papers, doing projects and accumulating clutter. According to Feng Shui principles, every room of your home should be beautiful, well-organized and clutter-free.

Ideal placement for the dining table is in the center of the room. Try to have equal space on all sides. An oval or round table with no sharp-edged corners is great Feng Shui. Round tables inspire conversation and also encourage equality. The chairs should be comfortable and also have a back. It’s good to avoid oversized furniture in a small room. From a decorating standpoint, heavy, dark furniture squeezed into a small space creates a heavy, dark feeling. The host should sit facing a door to feel more comfortable.

Lighting is an important component in creating a good dining environment. A well-lit chandelier over the center of your table will help to balance chi in the room. Using candles, lower wattage bulbs or a dimmer switch will bring the energy level down for a more romantic and peaceful setting.

If your meals often feel rushed, make sure there aren’t any clocks in view. You’ll enjoy a calmer dining experience by doing this and it will also help lighten your mood. Who wants to focus on time while you’re eating anyway?

The colors in your dining room should be appetizing. But be sure to choose colors that you love. Reds and yellows are perfect for stimulating the appetite and good for digestion. In general, light and bright colors are pleasing to the palate.

Do you use your best silverware and beautiful table linens in your dining room? If not, you should start. A fun idea would be to plan a special formal dinner with your family or partner one night a month. By making this a regular event, it reinforces how special your loved ones are to you. Rather than using placements, using a tablecloth encourages closeness among you and your family members.

Before eating remember to take a moment to give thanks for the abundance on your table and for the family and friends who are sharing the meal with you. Expressing gratitude before the meal fills the dining room with the energy of appreciation and love.

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