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With so many of us having computers and laptops both in our places of work and at home, we can easily let emails, photos and unused files and programs add ‘clutter’ to our life. And so many of us have more than one email due to our own preferences, work, and hobbies. And when you wish to increase your chances of bringing in more wealth into your life, your computer and laptop should not be forgotten.

The importance of having a clean and organized work area both at the office and in your home should be mandatory. One’s own mind can think much easier when things are organized and neat. Personally I have more than enough email accounts due to my various websites and blogs that I can easily forget about them only to allow the emails including spam emails to pile up.

It is an amazing feeling when you actually declutter your email in-box. “You got to be kidding me right?” – You must be thinking! But when was the last time you actually had only ten emails in your in-box? Believe you me, when I opened up my email programs today, it was easy to get right to the point, answer those emails I needed to and move on to my next working task. I wasn’t reminded and those deleted emails are now long forgotten.

It can take some time to go through all of them, especially if you let them pile up. To make things easier for you, you may want to create new folders for certain emails you need to save such as ‘school’, ‘receipts’, ‘pets’, ‘friends’, etc. Once these folders have been created, any read emails you need to save can be moved over to these newly created folders. I do my best to do this once a week.

The entire point of this office feng shui exercise it to have a barely empty in-box so you can see only those emails that need immediate attention from you. But do not stop there, regularly once a week empty your spam folder and trash folders to keep them clean as well.

Just last night, I went through and saved what I needed for future reference such as online receipt notices for tax purposes into my tax folder, and other web-related work emails into another folder, thereby leaving me with only a few emails for me to actually take action on. It took me only five minutes to do this, but thought how funny it was that I had been spending ‘negative energy’ for several weeks looking at the fact I had over 200 emails in my email box of which 70 were not read yet. Who needs that sort of anxiety facing you? Not me!

Like many of you, I too have signed up on enough sites, blogs and services that some of them email me what seem like every day. By clicking on the ‘from’ bar at the top of your mail program, you can easily alphabetize your list of emails, making it easier for you to select those you want to immediately remove and delete from your computer. In fact, since I did this last night, I will go back to those sites that email me most often and update how often they may email me, I might even remove them permanently since all they seem to do is fill up my in-box.

The whole point is really about creating a smooth positive energy surrounding your work area. This helps you to ensure the right channels of your universe are helping you, not hindering you. And since our email programs and constant bombardment of emails from various sources can easily get out of hand, with regular cleaning, deleting and organizing, a lot can come your way by opening up the right channels of solid work production from you and bring good Qi into your work environment.


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