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I am happy to say that the Chinese New Year is finally here! So much to look forward to. Don’t you think?

Be ready for the New Year – The Year of the Rat
If you haven’t already, run and clean up your homestead as best as possible today. And definitely burn some incense. Light up your rooms, open your windows and go about each room as you bless you and your family with the burning incense to help cleanse the new year with health, prosperity, love and happiness. It will only take ten minutes. Go on now, I know some of you are sitting around just reading my blog.

By the way, you can always do this anytime when you are feeling as if your life needs a change or a chance for that matter. Sometimes when we are feeling a bit low and down, this really helps pick things up for you. I wish the person I am about to discuss briefly would have done this. It could have at least have her start to hope for changes.

Who I don’t wish to discuss
I am certainly not going to chit chat about a woman who was possibly released A.M.A. (against medical advice), why bother with this – get healed, go back and get sheltered, go back home where you belong, get back with your family, they are only what you got girl, get God if that even helps you! Move on please, there’s nothing to see here people –

The Morning News
O.K., now that I got that out of the way, yeesh! When I saw the news this morning, all I could think was of many important things there are in the world. When other people learn this, all will be a lot better – I did want to say well, but geeze, we all want this country to be healed.

My thoughts and prayers certainly go out to those affected recently by the horrid tornadoes! This winter has so affected many a beautiful state(s) in our lovely U.S.A. And this we still have a war going on outside our country.

I am simply asking for people to think a little extra this year in doing what is best for their family, to encourage the youth to grow with wisdom and enjoy each day to its fullest.

New News
I have created now a new blog simply for Divaliscious Music News. Here you can read news about new music releases, links to their websites, and especially my Divaliscious Music Reviews of them. I will also be checking out several bands from MySpace.com, Soundclick.com and other related band sites.

So if you want to be reviewed and you think you got what it takes to be reviewed my little old me, well then send me an email and let me know your website address and music samples or send me your electronic press kit.


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